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CBD is a non-psychoactive treatment for pain.

Research suggests that CBD shows promise in helping relieve pain and reduce inflammation, which could be useful for runners participating in intense exercise. While THC can also be used to treat pain, it may negatively affect athletic performance.

A 2004 study on lab rats suggests that THC may impair short-term memory, while CBD doesn’t appear to. This is one of the reasons why we don’t have any THC in our CBD for Runners products.

And a 2018 report from the World Health Organization indicates that CBD doesn’t seem to have the potential for misuse or dependence — unlike other pain-relieving substances, like THC and opioids.

In fact, some research suggests CBD could be used as a way to treat addiction to opioids and other substances with risks of dependence.

Among some medical circles, there’s controversy over CBD’s “nonpsychoactive” label, since it does technically act on the same cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain as THC.

But because CBD works differently on those receptors, the effects are different, and it won’t get you high. Which is important, as rigorous training requires intense focus.